Adrian Casillas
Adrian Casillas

Adrian Casillas is a recent graduate from the University of Texas at Austin where he received a BS in Mathematics, a BA in Philosophy, and a BBA in Quantitative Finance.

His research experience includes topics related to governance and regulation of capital markets, portfolio theory in emerging markets, and the application of mathematical optimization methods in asset pricing and equity indexing.

Latest publications

Economic recovery stalling after holiday surge in Covid-19 cases. Vaccine rollout falling short of expectations. High frequency indicators confirm need of further stimulus. Risks of widening inequality from long-term pandemic scarring.
The COVID-19 impact on consumption was much more intense during the first wave than in the rest of the year 2020. By sector of activity, the impact of Covid-19 has been heterogeneus too. Food and health was the most beneffited ones and tourism related sectors the most damaged.
Covid-19 cases, hospitalizations, and contagions rising rapidly. Economic activity is improving across most states. Data suggests a trade off between economic activity and containment measures.