Adrian Casillas
Adrian Casillas

Adrian Casillas is a recent graduate from the University of Texas at Austin where he received a BS in Mathematics, a BA in Philosophy, and a BBA in Quantitative Finance.

His research experience includes topics related to governance and regulation of capital markets, portfolio theory in emerging markets, and the application of mathematical optimization methods in asset pricing and equity indexing.

Latest publications

The headwinds from declining oil demand and increasing supply will delay the recovery of the Texas economy. Consequently, we expect Texas GDP to decline between -3.7% and -6.9% in 2020, that is, worse than the U.S. average. This would mark the worst recession since at least 1978.
U.S. Outlook: Is the Coronavirus and Boeings woes enough to ground the longest expansion in U.S. History? Fed attempts to keep U.S. economy flying high while fine-tuning its main engines.