Alicia Sánchez
Alicia Sánchez
Regulation Manager

Alicia Sánchez was part of the Digital Regulation and Trends unit, at the Financial Systems and Regulation Area at BBVA Research, working on trends analysis related to digital economy. Since January 2019 she moved to Regulation and Internal Control, in the Regulation unit.

Previously she worked at Banco Hipotecario de España and Argentaria in different Business Units, including Audit, Organization and Innovation.

Alicia Sánchez holds a degree in Geography and History from Universidad Complutense de Madrid; Library and Information Science from Universidad de Alcalá de Henares; Hispanic Philology from UNED; and Social and Cultural Anthropology also from UNED.

Latest publications

The ability to anticipate disruptive changes is key to business survival. Although it is impossible to predict the future, forecasting methods and techniques can help to identify such changes early on. BBVA Research has developed a methodology to spot potential future scenarios for the financial industry so that it can serve as a tool to support strategic decision-making.
In this issue we will focus on: digital platforms: economic features and policy challenges; fostering a data-driven economy in the EU; licensing Fintech companies: authorities trying a balance between fostering innovation and financial stability; behavioural biometrics, a step further in digital identification; the governance of technology in the digital world
El acceso a los datos y su reutilización para la construcción de nuevos servicios son dos de las bases de la economía digital. Desde que en 2010 The Economist publicara su artículo “The data deluge” el término big data ha sido uno de los mantras de la nueva era de internet.