Angel Meneses De Quevedo
Angel Meneses De Quevedo
Senior Economist

Ángel Meneses de Quevedo holds an Advanced Telecommunications Engineering degree from the University of Cantabria and is a CFA Charterholder.

He completed his postgraduate training with a Master’s degree in Economic Research from the UNED (Open University- Spain), a Master’s degree in Mathematics and Applications from the Autonomous University of Madrid and has obtained the Global Association of Risk Professionals FRM Certification

He has worked in various departments of BBVA since 2008, having joined BBVA Research as a Senior Economist in 2019.His career within BBVA has developed principally in the areas of Risk and Finance, covering the regulatory as well as the accounting and prudential aspects of the business.

Latest publications

This week, markets turned increasingly optimistic about the potential for more aggressive pre-emptive easing by major central banks. U.S. - China trade talks seem to be stalling once again, while both U.S. economic data and company earnings released this week were mixed, and European data came in softer.
The slow progress in the initial trade demands of U.S and China is raising doubts as to whether they will be able to overcome their much deeper differences. Bloomberg reported that the ECB is considering modifying its inflation target to adapt it to the post-crisis era.
The International Monetary Fund has released its annual External Sector Report and it focuses on the need to avoid policies that distort trade. Sovereign treasury yields slipped after Fed officials reinforced expectations that they would cut interest rates this month.