Angel Meneses De Quevedo
Angel Meneses De Quevedo
Senior Economist

Ángel Meneses de Quevedo holds an Advanced Telecommunications Engineering degree from the University of Cantabria and is a CFA Charterholder.

He completed his postgraduate training with a Master’s degree in Economic Research from the UNED (Open University- Spain), a Master’s degree in Mathematics and Applications from the Autonomous University of Madrid and has obtained the Global Association of Risk Professionals FRM Certification

He has worked in various departments of BBVA since 2008, having joined BBVA Research as a Senior Economist in 2019.His career within BBVA has developed principally in the areas of Risk and Finance, covering the regulatory as well as the accounting and prudential aspects of the business.

Latest publications

Yesterday’s upward move spurred by improving developments on coronavirus faded . Stocks, including Asian equities, fell and government bonds resumed their rally after sharp rise in coronavirus infections. Elsewhere, investors wait for tomorrow’s US manufacturing data.
Optimistic market sentiment continued spreading through the markets, amid lower 2019-nCoV rates of infection. Nonetheless, caution remained as coronavirus outbreak concerns over global growth seem far from contained.
Market risk sentiment recovered thanks to encouraging words from the Fed that virus spread is being supervised, and to positive earning releases. Fed’s Chairman, Powell added that its impact on the US economy was still unknown.