Arturo Luis Jiménez Martín
Arturo Luis Jiménez Martín

Arturo Luis Jiménez Martín is a Research Analyst in the Spain and Portugal unit of BBVA Research.

His main functions are focused on carrying out situation diagnostics, indicator outlooks, database updates, execution of seasonal adjustment and forecasting models, among other key functions.

Graduated in Economics from the University of Malaga, where he had the opportunity to do part of his program at the UGent in Belgium. He is currently finishing a Master in Economic and Business Analysis at the same university during which he is deepening his knowledge in data analysis, strategic planning, market research, time series and forecasting.

Latest publications

During the 2019-2022 period, sales of goods abroad have performed similarly to those seen in the rest of Europe (5.4% vs. 8.1% recorded in Europe), while it is exports of services that have shown the greatest increase (+33.9% in Spain vs. 10.1%).