Boyd Nash-Stacey
Boyd Nash-Stacey
Senior Economist

Boyd Nash-Stacey is Senior Economist at BBVA Research, where he is in charge of U.S. macroeconomic analysis, U.S. financial markets and, geostrategy and strategic analysis in U.S. In the past, Boyd has held positions focused on regional economic analysis and forecasting, underbanking research, political and financial scenario development, and demographic opportunity.

His work has been featured in Bloomberg, Dallas Morning News, the Houston Chronicle, San Antonio Express News, Business Weekly, Business Insider, American Banker and Texas Monthly.

Boyd holds a BA in Public Policy and Political science from The University of Texas at Austin, and a MA in Applied Econometrics from the University of Houston.

Latest publications

March's employment report marks only the beginning of a period of unprecedented weakening in the labor market. The number of people reporting being temporarily laid off doubled to 1.8M while the number of permanent job losers increased from 177K to 1.5M.
The current crisis represents an unprecedented risk to the U.S. economy as the fallout from the coronavirus has created a confluence of supply- and demand-side shocks coupled with a financial meltdown.
In July 2019, the US officially achieved the largest economic expansion since records began. This growth continued in spite of the obstacles encountered as a result of the trade war with China and the global industrial recession.