Cristina Plata
Cristina Plata

Cristina T Plata is an economist for Financial Systems at BBVA Research since 2017.

Previously, she has worked as a research assistant at CaixaBank Research in the Bank Strategy Department and performed an internship in Agencia de Defensa de la Competencia de Andalucía. She studied a Master Degree in Competition and Market Regulation from the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics and a Bachelor´s Degree in Economics from University of Seville.

She is currently studying a PhD in Economics in University of Seville. Her areas of interest include Competition and regulation in banking sector.

Latest publications

The digital revolution is leading to an increased use of electronic payment instruments; however, cash is still used in 79% of retail payments. This note analyses the factors driving the use of cash for payments across EU countries classified in four categories: access to cash and banking products, degree of digitalisation, macroeconomic environment and cultural factors.
Forbearance aims at relieving the financial burden to borrowers under temporary difficulties. Forbearance measures were widely applied during the crisis sometimes heterogeneously until the EBA harmonised definitions and the treatment of forbearance. In this watch, we discuss the implications of the new accounting regulation and review the latest trends in forbearance.
In this issue we will focus on: Digital markets: challenges for competition policy; Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) ): investment in crypto tokens: fad, madness or vision?; Towards a new digital identity: identification systems and digital environment; Fintech: implications for regulation and supervision; and Artificial Intelligence: a Policy Approach.