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Edward Corcoran
Edward Corcoran

Senior Economist

Edward Corcoran is a senior economist in the Digital Regulation team in BBVA Research. Prior to joining BBVA in 2017, Edward worked at HM Treasury, the UK Ministry of Finance. He led on policy related to payment services and systems, including the UK implementation of PSD2; the mortgage market; and micro and macroprudential regulation.
Edward has also worked with the Ministry of Finance of Liberia as a fellow of the Overseas Development Institute, providing technical assistance and advice on various aspects of public financial management, including macroeconomic forecasting, fiscal policy, debt management and preparation of the national budget.

Edward has an undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Warwick and a Master´s in Specialised Economic Analysis (International Trade, Finance and Development) from the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics.

Latest Publications

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Digital Economy Outlook. September 2017

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In this issue we will focus on: Banks and new digital players: is there a level playing field?; The paradox of the digital consumer: more demanding but less aware of his rights; PSD2 implementation: transposition deadline draws closer; Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC): challenging the financial system as we know it and; Financial innovation policies across the EU

Available in Spanish, English