Fabián Mauricio García
Fabián Mauricio García
Senior Economist

Fabian Garcia is Senior Economist of BBVA Research in Colombia where he is in charge of sectoral analysis, forecasting macroeconomic variables such as inflation and GDP (supply side), and the preparation of reports with analyzes of various economic issues.

He previously served as junior researcher at Fedesarrollo, advisor to the Macroeconomic Policy of the Ministry of Finance, advisor to the Head of the National Planning Department, a consultant for the Inter-American Development Bank and assistant professor at the University of the Andes and University of British Columbia.

He earned his undergraduate and master's degree in economics from the University of the Andes. It also has a specialization in Data Science at John Hopkins University in Coursera and doctoral studies in economics at the University of British Columbia.

Latest publications

There are 29m Internet users in Colombia, however the use of digital banking is still low but growing. There are access gaps between rural and urban and income levels. In businesses, there is a significant gap in the use of ICTs by the size of the business, smaller business argue they don’t find a benefit in them.
An analysis of use and access of the tools for the digital era in Colombian companies, such as: electronic devices, Internet, electronic commerce, large volumes of information, among others. We analize variables that define the adoption and penetration in the company as size and economic sector
An analysis of digital adoption trends in Colombian households has been carried out, taking into account the different variables surrounding the use, access and enjoyment of digital technologies.It has also highlighted some shortcomings in Colombia's digital infrastructure.