Fernando Bolívar
Fernando Bolívar

Fernando Bolívar is currently serving as an Economist in Data Science Projects related to economic, social and geopolitical analysis at BBVA Research. Previously he did an internship in that same department while completing his Master’s Degree thesis. Before that he worked as a junior property underwriter for Mapfre Global Risks where he participated in industrial risk analysis, amongst other things.

He has a Degree in Industrial Technology Engineering from the Madrid Polytechnic University, with a specialisation in Industrial Organisation and a semester at the Ecole Centrale de Nantes (France). He likewise earned a Master’s Degree in Data Science and Big Data from the AFI School of Finance. He also completed a Banking and Finance course at the IEB.

Latest publications

This study analyzes the framework of sustainability through the media and social networks to understand what, how, when and where sustainability is talked about, capturing which related issues emerge or are of concern, which actors are leading the debate and how they interrelate over time and across geographies.
Positive growth rates continued in Turkey, USA and Mexico during October. The positive trend intensified in Peru, while moderated in Spain. This recovery is uneven across sectors and countries. While entertainment expenditure recovered faster in developed countries and Turkey, transport spending did it in Latam countries.
Spending with BBVA credit and debit cards or BBVA POS terminals grew 0.6% year-on-year in October, 3 points less than in September, affected by the deterioration of the health situation. Both face-to-face transactions (-1%) and online purchases (5%) lost traction.