Gloria Fernández
Gloria Fernández
Senior Economist

Gloria Fernández is an economist with the BBVA Group and part of the BBVA Research Innovation and Processes team.

Previously, Gloria Fernández worked in Finance, first on the Business Planning and Analysis team, preparing and monitoring the Activity and Earnings of the different regions where the Group is present, and subsequently in the Efficiency team, handling Control and Monitoring of BBVA’s Interdepartmental Expenses. Before that, she worked in the Zaragoza Department as a Risks and Prices analyst, and in Arrears.

She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, specialising in Banking and the Stock Market, from the University of Zaragoza, where she presented her minor thesis upon graduation. In Madrid, she pursued a Doctorate in the Stock Market at the Autonomous University and completed Inspection courses at the Bank of Spain. Throughout her career she has been engaged in continuing education on Accounting Regulation, Risks, Business Management, etc.