Ismael Mendoza
Ismael Mendoza
Senior Economist

Ismael Mendoza Mogollón is a Research Economist at BBVA Peru since August 2015. He is focused in monitoring and assessing macroeconomic and external variables, as well as forecasting these variables using econometric models and financial programming.

He was previously an External Sector Analyst in the General Directorate of Macroeconomic Policy and Fiscal Decentralization of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, area which is directly involved in the design of fiscal policy.

His research interests are focused on macroeconomic and financial issues, and he has published on these subjects.

He graduated from the Master in Economics from Universidad del Pacífico (Lima, Peru) and has a Bachelor degree in Economics from the National University of Piura. He has taken the course of University Extension Central Reserve Bank of Peru, as well as courses organized by the International Monetary Fund and the Center for Latin American Monetary Studies.

Latest publications

In June, GDP went down by 18.1% YoY, reflecting the isolation measures implemented since mid-March in order to contain the spread of the coronavirus.
The Central Bank kept in August the policy rate at 0,25%, renewed its commitment to maintain a very ease stance for a prolonged period of time, and underlined its efforts to provide liquidity to the market.
Isolation measures imposed in order to contain the propagation of the coronavirus are having a strong impact on GDP. In this context, we expect it to contract this year between -18% and -12%, with a rebound between 6,5% and 10,5% in 2021 that will, however, be insufficient to reach the level of activity observed in 2019.