Javier Castro Sotelo
Javier Castro Sotelo

Javier Castro is an Economist in the Global Macroeconomic Scenarios at BBVA Research. He started working at BBVA in 2017, and performed other roles as a credit risk analyst. Previously, he also worked as an investment consultant intern at Willis Towers Watson.

He holds a Master’s degree in Finance from Lund University, Sweden, and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Carlos III University, which complemented with a six-month stay at Tilburg University, The Netherlands.

Latest publications

All in all, while the ECB delivered its promised rate hike today, its emphasis on data dependence, and the removal of forward guidance on rates suggests that it would act more cautiously going forward in the wake of recent adverse financial sector events
Overall, today’s meeting does not point to any particular bias to our view that the ECB will hike rates by 50bp in March and 25bp more in May, to reach 3.75%, as a terminal rate. Market reaction was dovish, in line with yesterday's movements on US rates as central banks´ - Fed, BoE and ECB- are seen to be near the peak
ECB opted for a smaller 50 bps hike, but judged rates to be raised significantly at a steady pace of 50bp going forward until they reach their terminal rate, which will be decided on a meeting-by-meeting basis.