Javier García
Javier García

Javier Garcia started working at BBVA in 2011 in the CIB department. From July 2015 to December 2018 he joined BBVA Research as an economist for the Recovery and Resolution Policies team. Since January 2019 he moved to Regulation and Internal Control, in the Regulation unit.

Previously he has worked in Le Crédit Lyonnais in France and at the Spanish General Consulate in Miami and has gone through the preparation of the public competitive examination for the Spanish Diplomatic Career.

He has a bachelor degree in Economic Sciences from the Université de Perpignan, an MBA from the University of South Florida where he also worked as a teaching assistant in statistics and a Master in International Relations and Diplomacy from the Diplomatic School of Madrid.

Latest publications

Under BRRD 2, European banks’ MREL deficit is €112bn (63% attributable to O-SIIs and non-systemic banks) and €188bn lower than 2018 results, mostly explained by issuances of €194bn during 2018–2019. Erosion of profitability is now critical, with interest expense increasing 2.3-3.2%. Basel IV significantly increase needs.
Weekly update with most relevant news on financial regulation:
Highlights: EC publishes a set of unilateral absolute minimum contingency measures to prepare for a no-deal brexit. Several EU and UK agencies publish documents in relation to brexit. EC welcomes agreement on the NPLs package. Spanish Ministry of Finance proposes to establish a macroprudential authority. Federal Agencies proposes to soften stress testing requirements.