Javier Alonso
Javier Alonso
Principal Economist

Javier Alonso has a Bachelor’s Degree and PhD in Economics from Complutense University in Madrid and a Master’s Degree specialisation in Industrial Economics in the Pharmaceutical Sector from Carlos III University.

He has previously worked at FEDEA, the Institute of Tax Studies, as a Senior Researcher, as well as in Novartis (as a financial controller) and in the European Central Bank as a consultant. He has also been an associate professor at Carlos III University and CEU San Pablo University.

He was Chief Economist for Financial Inclusion and currently he belongs to Financial Systems team. He is involved in topics related to modelling pension systems, infrastructure, and Big Data. He also coordinates a work group on digital economy issues with the OECD.

Latest publications

Recently, the COVID-19 crisis has highlighted how the Spanish pension system's financial sustainability problems are worsening. The Ministry of Social Security is predicting a GDP deficit of 4.1% for 2020.
BBVA Research proposes the creation of 3 monthly updatable indicators that help to understand the evolution of the Spanish pension system and the problems that arise. The first indicator deals with "financial sustainability (ISF)." The second indicator is "benefit rate," while the third indicator measures the public's sentiment about the system.
This paper presents econometric evidence on the determinants of domestic and cross-border e-commerce in Spain based on BBVA anonymised data. The paper applies the gravity model of trade to explain online credit card payment flows, using all private customer transactions of BBVA for Spain.