Javier Anatole Pallás
Javier Anatole Pallás

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In this issue we will focus on: Algorithms challenge the banking industry; Does blockchain fit into current legal frameworks?; Turning the spotlight on shadow banking: pros and cons of the darkness and; The Internet of Things and digital banking
El investigador del MIT, Kevin Ashton, acuñó el término de Internet de las Cosas (IoT, del inglés Internet of Things) en 1999, refiriéndose al mundo en el que cada objeto tiene una identidad virtual propia y capacidad potencial para integrarse e interactuar de manera independiente en la Red con cualquier otro objeto, máquina o humano.
In this issue we focus on: Cloud computing in the EU: a fragmented regulatory framework; The impact of technological advances on the labour market ; Digital divide and development: an analysis of asymmetries in Internet use; InsurTech and the disruptive insurance ecosystem; and Virtual Assistants: artificial intelligence at your service.