Joana Godinho Ribeiro
Joana Godinho Ribeiro

Joana Ribeiro joined BBVA Research as an Economist in January 2021. She is currently a member of the Spain and Portugal Unit, working in the team in charge of conducting regional analysis of the Spanish economy.

After graduating from a degree in Economics from ISEG – Lisbon School of Economics and Management, in 2019, she earned a master´s degree in Economics from Carlos III University of Madrid, in 2020. Furthermore, she also studied a semester abroad in Belgium, at HEC Liège.

Latest publications

The growth trend in the real estate market continues. After the correction, between 2008 and 2014, the sector has not stopped growing in the last few years. This advance was only interrupted in 2020— the toughest stage in the COVID-19 pandemic— which is still affecting the world economy.
Since 1996, the number of homes in Spain has increased, as well as their size. This Observatory studies the contribution of different socio-demographic factors such as average household size, population growth and the number of dwellings per household to the demand and size per dwelling.
Spain is among the eurozone countries with the lowest productivity and least investment in intangibles. In the future, it must make use of digitization and NGEU funds to increase intangible assets, particularly R&D and training of human capital — essential for driving productivity.