Joaquín Iglesias
Joaquín Iglesias

Joaquín Iglesias is currently in the Big Data Unit at BBVA Research, working on projects for geopolitical and economic analysis. He has a large experience working with BigQuery, GDELT and large databases. 

Joaquin has a degree in Economics from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (2010-2015) and obtained his Master degree in Econometrics from Universiteit van Amsterdam (2015-2016)`


Latest publications

The Trump administration canceled North Korea meeting after receiving negative remarks from Pyongyang. The US President announced the Summit would be reinstated on June 12. The US decision to withdrawn from the Iran Nuclear Deal gave birth to new geopolitical uncertainties. Elections in Iraq and Venezuela focused attention as the results are critical for regional issues.
This Economic Watch introduces the European Central Bank's (ECB) Monetary Policy Tone index developed from ECB documents, using text mining and Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques. This analysis allows us to objectively identify and track the relevant thehmes within the ECB’s monetary policy discourse.
Western nations rose up against alleged Russian nerve agent attack in the U.K. and expelled some of Moscow’s diplomats from their soils. In terms of protests, tensions sharply rose in the Middle East. Social unrest also increased in some Eastern European and Latin American countries. Developed countries and Asia remain contained.