José Leiva Murillo
José Leiva Murillo
Principal Economist

Jose Leiva is a member of the Big Data team at BBVA Research. He previously worked as a Senior Expert Data Scientist at BBVA Client Solutions - Advanced Analytics, where he applied data science to a variety of problems including pricing, digital marketing or asset management. He got his PhD from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and held a postdoc position at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligence Systems in Tübingen, Germany. He has co-authored many journal and conference papers on the application of machine learning techniques to relevant problems such as the classification of satellite images, decoding of EEG signals for brain-computer interfaces or mental health, among others.  He currently teaches Machine Learning and Data Visualization at the UNAV Executive Master on Big Data Science.

Latest publications

The global economy offers households no respite. After the turbulent years of COVID-19 in 2020 and 2021, 2022 kicked off with the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, increasing the high geopolitical uncertainty and an unprecedented level of inflation in the last 40 years.
Media is a relevant source of information for households to form their inflation expectations. We identified salient products from CPI basket and built a high frequency news based indicator (GDELT) to monitor the volume of news about “salient” goods prices by geography.