José Leiva Murillo
José Leiva Murillo
Principal Economist

Jose Leiva is a member of the Big Data team at BBVA Research. He previously worked as a Senior Expert Data Scientist at BBVA Client Solutions - Advanced Analytics, where he applied data science to a variety of problems including pricing, digital marketing or asset management. He got his PhD from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and held a postdoc position at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligence Systems in Tübingen, Germany. He has co-authored many journal and conference papers on the application of machine learning techniques to relevant problems such as the classification of satellite images, decoding of EEG signals for brain-computer interfaces or mental health, among others.  He currently teaches Machine Learning and Data Visualization at the UNAV Executive Master on Big Data Science.

Latest publications

Media is a relevant source of information for households to form their inflation expectations. We identified salient products from CPI basket and built a high frequency news based indicator (GDELT) to monitor the volume of news about “salient” goods prices by geography.