José Carlos Pardo
José Carlos Pardo
Chief Economist

• Jose Carlos Pardo is graduated in Industrial Engineering at Deusto University (Bilbao) and MA of Financial Information and Systems at Deusto University. Currently, he is the chief economist of Recovery and Resolution Policies in the BBVA Research Department. Previously in the group, he is the executive director of regulatory strategy in the Group Financial Department. In BBVA since 2011. Prior to BBVA, he was Director at KPMG in the Financial Risk Management Department. 

• Currently, Jose Carlos Pardo is the head economist of Recovery and Resolution Policies. Responsible for the analysis, designing and internal coordination of the strategy and lobbing actions in terms of recovery and resolution regulation and strategy. . .


Latest publications

According to the BRRD mandate, the European Banking Authority (EBA) has released more than 35 technical standards and guidelines of a specialized nature and in order to clarify subjects of the BRRD. EBA’s role has been decisive in order to fully implement the BRRD; it has successfully implemented harmonized definitions to be applied by Member States of the EU.
On Sep 30 the European Commission released an Action Plan on Building a Capital Markets Union, after a public consultation last February. This document provides a more detailed roadmap until 2017 and specific proposals in key areas like securitization and covered bonds. In 2017, the Commission will take stock of the progress and shed more light on the steps until 2019.
On 3 July 2015, the EBA published the final technical standard on the criteria for determining the minimum requirement for own funds and eligible liabilities for bail-in – the so-called MREL. With the MREL, European authorities seek to ensure that banks have enough liabilities to absorb losses in case of a bank’s failure. It will enter into force in 2016.