José María Álvarez
José María Álvarez

José María Álvarez Ines is Economist in the Financial Systems Unit in BBVA Research since January 2016.

Previously he was preparing the public competitive examination for being an Inspector and Treasurer of the Spanish Local Administration, and had an international exchange in Portsmouth with Leonardo da Vinci Programme.

He studied a Degree in Economics at University of Navarra (2009-2013), where he obtained the Extraordinary Award.

Latest publications

The crisis has made obvious the fragility of some aspects of EMU, like financial fragmentation and the need of banking consolidation. Banks have merged due to the vulnerability of some players or in order to improve the profitability/efficiency of the sector.
The international community, and especially the rest of Europe, is holding its breath over the referendum to be held in Italy on 4 December. Ratification of the constitutional reform seeking among other things to curtail the powers of the Senate, is crucial if a new period of political and financial instability is to be avoided.
El sistema bancario español se está enfrentando a una gran cantidad de retos desde la crisis económico-financiera de 2008.