Juan Navarro
Juan Navarro

Juan Navarro is Economist in Financial Scenarios unit in BBVA Reseach since 2015. Between 2013 and 2015 he worked in Economic and market analysis Department in International Financial Analysts (IFA) participating, inter alia, in the Investment Committee  SICAV "Españoleto GG" and Fund "Global AFI CS". Previously, he worked in Corporate & Investment Banking at BBVA, by evolutionary management and risk analysis.

He was also Professor of Economics and Management at the Institute Benjamin of Tudela in 2012 and banking employee in Caja Laboral with commercial functions and portfolio management.

He studied a degree in Business Administration and Management at the Public University of Navarra, where he was awarded the Extraordinary at the best limit transcripts Award, and has a Master in Banking and Finance International Financial Analyst (AFI).

Latest publications

The main focus in the markets remains around Brexit developments and its potential impact on financial markets. In this context of uncertainty, GBP volatility is expected to remain. On another front, trade fears returned to the forefront after the US announced that the highly expected Trump-Xi Summit will be delayed beyond March.
Brexit negotiations remain in the spotlight amid a wave of votes in the UK Parliament, setting aside other significant issues such as trade negotiations between US and China, at least for now. For the moment, the impact of the Brexit issue on the markets has been concentrated only in UK assets.
The ECB caused turmoil in European markets at the end of the week as the deployed measures exceeded the market’s expectations. In terms of growth, concerns remained: the National People’s Congress lowered China’s growth target and announced liquidity measures. Also the ECB’s EZ GDP growth forecast was revised down following the OECD's cut in the global growth outlook.