Lucía Pacheco
Lucía Pacheco
Regulation Manager

Lucía Pacheco worked in the Digital Regulation and Trends Unit. Since January 2019 she moved to Regulation and Internal Control, in the Regulation unit. Previously, Lucía worked in the Financial Inclusion Unit, where her work focused on analysing financial regulation and supervision in Latin America and its implications for financial inclusion.

Lucía has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the University of Salamanca and a Master’s Degree in Banking and Financial Regulation from the University of Navarra.

Latest publications

The principle of “same activity, same risk, same regulation” is key to achieve a level playing field for all providers of financial services. This Economic Watch analyses this principle, with a focus on the “same risk” element, and explores proposals on how to put it into practice.
The digital transformation of financial services has opened up the market to new providers: FinTech start-ups and BigTechs. In this article, we explain how policymakers’ mindset should evolve towards a comprehensive response to ensure the financial sector remains safe, stable and open to competition.
The European Commission has presented an Action Plan to promote innovation in the financial sector, setting the roadmap for fintech in Europe. Most initiatives are positive for the EU financial market, but more ambition is needed if Europe aims to become a global fintech hub.