María Sánchez Carvajal
María Sánchez Carvajal

María Sánchez has been an Economist at BBVA Research’s Economic & Financial Forecasting unit since 2019. She holds a degree in Business Administration and Management from Universidad Complutense de Madrid and a Master’sDegree in Quantitative Finance from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

Previously, she did and internship at Kronos Investment Group as a controller and financial analyst, giving support in the detection and interpretation of budget deviations and company’s Key Performance Indicators.

Latest publications

Global policy response failed to reassure investors, unnerved by the alarmingly rapid outbreak of Covid-19 beyond China and its impact on global growth and financial stability. Volatility soared and the USD and EMs FX depreciated.
Concerns about the Covid-19 spillover effect continued to weigh on financial markets although global central banks mull over stimulus. In this context, equity markets showed marginal rebound, although implied volatility in the S&P500 remained elevated.
There was a very sharp risk-off mood across global financial markets this week, as COVID-19 spread rapidly beyond China. The 10Y U.S. Treasury yield hit a new record low, 1.17%, while risk premia widened in the European periphery and EMs; major central banks tempered expectations of rate cuts.