Pelin Ayranci
Pelin Ayranci

Pelin is currently working at BBVA Research as an economist and she is responsible for implementing Big Data analysis on economic, social and geopolitical issues, as well as quantitative analysis & macroeconomic modelling. Prior to this position, she has worked as an associate consultant at Simon Kucher & Partners.

She holds a degree in Economics (High Honours) from Boğaziçi University,Istanbul. She has worked as a consulting intern at Deloitte and involved with British Chambers of Commerce during her studies at Bogazici. During her college studies, Pelin also spent winter and spring quarters abroad at University of California San Diego. During her studies abroad in California, Pelin has worked as an intern in a fintech startup PE Global Partners, involved with Lumnus Consulting and worked as a volunteer at San Diego World Affairs Council.

Latest publications

FinTech is gaining momentum in financial services due to the important role of technology in reshaping the Financial System. In order to identify the dynamics created by the FinTech ecosystem, we analyse data from the media and social networks.
Firm policies helped to stabilize Turkish Financial Markets and the economy is re-balancing fast. The economic activity adjustment gained momentum at the end of 2018 but there are early signs of bottoming-out. We expect policymakers stick to sound policies.
Turkey’s firm policy response to the recent financial shocks helped to restore confidence in financial assets. Inflation will remain the key concern in the short term on continuing pass-thru and high cost push factors. Both monetary and fiscal policies included in the New Economic Program (NEP) are now more adequate to restore confidence and re-balance the economy.