Rubén Veiga
Rubén Veiga

Rubén Veiga has been an Economist in BBVA Research's Spain and Portugal Unit since September 2020. He is currently studying for a PhD at Universidad Carlos III (Carlos III University). His areas of interest are macroeconomics, labor economics and public debt.

He has previously taught as an assistant professor on several courses at Universidad Carlos III.

He graduated with a degree in Physics from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Autonomous University of Madrid) in 2012, and earned a master's degree in Economic Analysis from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (Autonomous University of Barcelona) in 2014.

Latest publications

Research, development and innovation (R+D+I) are undoubtedly pending issues in Spain. Poor performance in this area has severe consequences for our economy. For example, the fact that there has been no growth in labor productivity in recent years and the resulting impact on wages.
This report evaluates the state of R&D in Spain and anaylzes the factors that hinder innovation. The implementation of the necessary reforms is essential for Spain to achieve its R&D objectives and increase its potential growth.