Tatiana Dávila Egas
Tatiana Dávila Egas

Tatiana Dávila Egas is an economist at BBVA Research. She holds a degree in Statistics from the Universidad de Granada (University of Granada), where she served as a researcher and data analyst for the Open Lifelong Learning Center. She later took a scholarship with the BBVA Research Big Data Unit, where she also carried out her final project.

She is currently part of the Big Data unit, carrying out projects on economic analysis, NLP and machine learning.

Latest publications

Consumption growth sharply accelerated during March compared with last year lockdowns, this increasing growth rates are observed across all countries and sectors.
Spending with BBVA credit and debit cards or BBVA POS terminals grew 56% y-o-y in March due to the base effect caused by the start of the lockdown period a year ago. Compared to March 2019, the growth in card consumption was lower (18%).
The impact of the third wave was higher than the second one, but still far away from the first one. The recovery is still uneven across sectors and countries. New waves and restrictions narrowed the gap between LATAM countries and the rest.