Tuğçe Tatoğlu
Tuğçe Tatoğlu
Senior Economist

Tuğçe Tatoğlu is a Senior Economist at Garanti – BBVA Research. She joined Garanti – BBVA in 2022. She got her BA degree in Economics from Ankara University, and received her MSc degree from TOBB ETÜ. She is currently PhD Candidate in Economics at TOBB ETÜ.

Before joining Garanti – BBVA, she worked as a Research Assistant in the field of macroeconomic analysis and politics at Süleyman Demirel University. Previously, she worked as a Teaching Assistant at TOBB ETÜ and as a Researcher in the Social Policy Research Center where she was responsible for analysis on labor markets mainly.

Latest publications

We revise our activity impulse report to become a flash release at the start of each month. By the end of January, our GDP nowcast indicators signal a nearly stagnant quarterly GDP growth rate, which corresponds to an annual growth of 3.5%. We keep our 2024 GDP growth forecast at 3.5% after realizing nearly 4.5% in 2023.
Consumer prices rose by 6.70% in January, higher than our expectation (5.7%) but parallel to the consensus (6.6%) and annual consumer inflation accelerated slightly to 64.86% (vs. 64.77 prev.). We eliminate our previous downward bias and now expect consumer inflation to slow down to 45% by end 2024.
Industrial production (IP) fell by 1.4% m/m in seas. and cal. adj. series, while increasing by 0.2% y/y on calendar adjusted terms. GDP growth will likely materialize closer to 4.5% in 2023 but decelerate to 3-3.5% in 2024 led by monetary tightening and poor foreign demand.