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Ukraine: violence intensified once again in 2017

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Fighting in Eastern Ukraine erupted again, just a day after that the first phone call between Trump and Putin since the US president's inauguration. It was the worst escalation since early 2015. The new US administration's policy stance towards the conflict is still undefined and increases concerns and uncertainties about the conflict evolution and the Russian role on it.

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Geo-World: Conflict & Social Unrest - January 2017 Update

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Pro-regime forces took full control of Aleppo, while ISIS retook Palmyra. Russian military operations intensified during the month. Escalation between Russia and Ukraine. Iraqi security forces recaptured eastern Mosul. Escalation between Russia and Ukraine

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Paradox of Progress: Global Trends for the next few years


Every four years, the US National Intelligence Council produces a Global Trends report for the incoming president, describing the trends and challenges the world will face in the medium term. Last week the latest report was presented under the title “Paradox of Progress”, with the sub-heading “Global Trends and Key Implications Through 2035”.

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China | Trump, tariffs and tensions

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Donald Trump will be inaugurated as 45th President of the United States today. During his campaign, he pledged to label China a “currency manipulator” and impose a 45% tariff on Chinese imports during his first day in office. While the likelihood of this scenario remains low, a number of factors point towards a more protectionist agenda under Trump.

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