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IIF Panel "New Methods for Old Questions". Big Data at BBVA Research


Big Data allows us to use massive new flows of data (numbers, text & images…) on real time​ and new scope​ to ​complement with new methods the answer to old questions. The new technologies allow us to ​gauge not only structural issues ​ ​as Geopolitics, Trade, Globalization... ​but also the analysis of Business Cycle, narratives, sentiments.

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Geo-World: Conflict & Social Unrest - September 2017 Update

By , , ,

European political arena focused the world attention in September given the German elections and the Catalonian political uncertainty after the referendum vote. North Korea crisis remained as one of the main world threats, as well as the regional instability in Middle East, which increased uncertainties after the Kurdish independency referendum results.

Available in Spanish, English