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Mexico | Government presents Migrant Protection Strategy, & remittances grow 6.5% in Jan.


The government presented a ten-point summary of its Migrant Protection Strategy for 2019–2024, which details: 1) a new vision focused on migrants’ rights and 2) the expansion of the mobile consulate system to reach the most remote populations.



The new Mexican government has identified 6 complaints and needs of Mexicans abroad with regard to the Mexican consular network, with some of the most significant complaints concerning: 1) the lack of legal guidance and representation when it is needed and 2) the insufficient provision of documentation and consular protection services in remote locations

Moreover, a program in which the Mexican President will recognize, on an annual basis, those Mexicans who have made the most noteworthy contributions abroad—particularly in the US—will also be rolled out

The Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores (SRE — Mexican Secretariat of Foreign Affairs) estimates that, in 2019, it will provide MXN 3.3 billions of funding for embassies and consulates to implement this strategy, with 2,163 consular staff supporting the plan. This figure is expected to rise to 2,800 people by the end of this year as the number of mobile consulates grows

Remittances remain a significant contributor to the Mexican economy and increased by 6.5% to USD 2,415 million in January. The largest growth in remittances in 2019 may be observed in February and March

BBVA Research estimates that remittances could increase by 6.9% and reach a total of USD 35.79 billion in 2019

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