Alfonso Gurza
Alfonso Gurza
Principal Economist

Alfonso Gurza is in charge of regulatory issues and will provide support to the regulatory committee of Mexico.

He has a BA in Economics from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and a Masters degree from the London School of Economics. Previously, he worked at the Mexican National Banking and Securities Commission where he was in charge of drafting regulation for several sectors of the financial system.

Latest publications

The liquidation process of Banco Ahorro Famsa begins. Consumer loans are no longer driving total private sector financing. Bank deposits reverse the weakness shown since the second half of 2019.
Commercial banking leads intermediation of deposits and credit to the private sector. In the first quarter of 2020, the percentage of companies that received bank credit increased. Commercial banking has the solvency required to continue granting credit and overcome possible losses.
The Financial System addresses a number of challenges in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic: to keep an adequate financing flow, preserve appropriate liquidity and a correct operation of exchange rate and debt markets as well as to help intermediaries to cope with the management of market and credit risk.