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BBVA Research's big data consumption index for Peru (inflation-adjusted spending with cards and cash withdrawals) slowed down in January to 3.0% (December: 3.8%).

A boom period in mining investment ended in 2022. Sustained political instability, elevated social unrest and policies being implemented in the sector do not favor investment moving forward, in spite of the country having significant mining resources and relatively low production costs.

According to the BBVA Big Data Consumption Tracker, household spending grew 4.9% in real annual terms in January. Spending on services, led the performance with a 12.1% real annual increase. On the other hand, spending on goods slowed down furt…

Consumer prices rose by 6.65% in January, significantly above both our expectation of 4%, while annual CPI slowed down to 57.7% on favorable base effects. We expect annual CPI to come down to 40-45% just before the elections and reach 42% by ye…

In 2022, the unemployment rate was 11.2% nationally, decreasing 2.6 p.p. with respect to 2021. In 2022, the national employment stood at 22 million, 1.6 million more than in 2021 and 0.7 million more than in 2019. In 2022, employment showed gre…

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