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In this release of our Regional Sectoral Outlook is set apart by the change of base year in August 2023 with an updated perspective of the sectoral and regional composition of the Mexican economy. During 2024, the GDP of Finance could grow the most (5.3%), followed by Management (5.3%) and Entertainment & Recreation (4.5%)

In this new issue of the OTMT, we analyze the evolution of the labor market up to November 2023. We take stock of the evolution of the main aggregate indicators and focus on the monitoring of the 2022 Labor Market Reform, unemployment among people aged 50 and over, and employment and the environment.

The recovery in private consumption is losing momentum, dropping from an annual 5.9% in the 2021-2022 biennium to 2.0% in 2023-2024. The increase in financing costs counteracts the modest rise in income, net financial wealth, and household expe…

In this Presentation, we explain how geopolitics is becoming a key economic driver in the change of global value chains and the opportunities this brings to Mexican manufacturing production as well as exploring the regional investment opportuni…

In September 2023, the balance of traditional bank deposits (sight + term) registered a real annual growth rate of 4.7%, while the current credit granted by commercial banks to the non-financial private sector (NFPS) registered annual growth of…

Construction grows 10.5% in the second trimester of 2023, the impulse comes from Civil construction. Mortgage credit shows a contraction of 4.1% on number of mortgages and 8.6% on credit amount. The potential demand for affordable housings amounts to 3.2 million houses.

The housing market is waiting for a change of cycle that will allow for greater stability and predictability. Rental supply is at historic lows. In the short term, we do not expect construction to be very dynamic.

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To allow the country to maximize the economic benefits of nearshoring in the medium term, the next federal government could formulate a national infrastructure plan and favor an industrial policy that enhances investment in renewable energy, electric vehicles and information technologies.

The recent truce extension between Hamas and Israel, following extensive diplomatic talks involving multiple nations, led to Hamas releasing 17 hostages in Gaza, including a 4-year-old American girl. In return, Israel freed 39 Palestinian prisoners. This was part of the ongoing negotiations aiming to maintain the ceasefire.

Climate Change United Nations issues a fresh set of climate warnings: the commitments made under the Paris Agreement are not enough to decarbonize the economy. Simply warning about the risks is not enough.

The discussion about the role of natural resources in economic activity is not new, although environmental pressures and the loss of biodiversity have increased its interest.

The latest Observatory published by BBVA Research, FEDEA and the Sagardoy Foundation shows a labor market in transition in Spain. Job creation continues, but at a significantly slower pace than in the first …

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