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Avocado is one of Mexico's main consumption and export products. We estimate the GDP of avocado from 2018 to 2022 by the production method using a deterministic approximation and official sources. The results are consistent with the growth that the product has experienced in production and monetary value in recent years.

Profitability of the sector is under pressure of high funding costs which continues to be partially offset by fees & commission income. Credit growth will be subdued due to regulationary caps in the very short term.

Israel faces waves of condemnation after a strike in Rafah camp. Spain, Ireland and Norway recognize Palestine as a State. Spain provided military support to Ukraine

The trade balance reversed its behavior of the end of last year and posted a deficit in the first quarter of 2024. Given the stylized fact that the trade balance shows a countercyclical behavior, this deficit reflects that the Mexican economy r…

Colombia's economy grapples with recovery challenges. Proposing an infrastructure plan to link regions, cut logistic costs, and drive housing, business hubs, and energy projects. Public-private collaboration is paramount.

In this edition of the QLMO, we analyze the labor market situation with data available up to the first quarter of 2024. We review the trends of the main indicators, examine the differences between the Labor Force Survey and administrative records, and highlight Spain's productivity deficit.

Evidence shows that permanent improvements in productivity lead to a gradual reduction in hours worked per employee. In contrast, reversing this order of causality hinders employment growth.

Spain must continue to offer an attractive society to ensure migratory flows that will transform the demographic structure. Immigration, like productivity growth, helps to spread the increase in pension spending due to the retirement of baby bo…

Last week's GDP release, showing a 0.7% YoY growth, raised several points for analysis: the dynamics of GDP per capita in pesos, the importance of the housing sector, the boost in services exports, the performance of domestic demand, and future…

FC adjusted weekly credit growth decelerated further to 0.1% in the week ending by May 17th due to consumer credits in public banks.

In this publication you will find, on a weekly basis, our selection of the most relevant news regarding financial regulation.

The CBRT maintained the policy rate (50%) and the range between borrowing and lending rates (600 bps). They remain cautious about the risks on inflation outlook. On financial stability concerns, they aim to sterilize excess TL liquidity stemming from the most recent domestic and foreign demand for TL financial assets.

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