Andres Felipe Medina Grass
Andres Felipe Medina Grass
Senior Economist

Andrés Felipe Works as a Senior Economist at BBVA research. He manages macroeconomic  topics such as External sector, labor market and so on.

Andrés Felipe possess a degree in economics from Universidad Nacional de Colombia – Sede Bogotá and is currently studing a Master in economics and Economic development in the same University.

His labor experience relates to private sector, Colombia´s central bank and Departamento Nacional de Planeación. In the Latter, he contributed in the methodologic hardening of a Public spend evaluation tool.

Latest publications

In October, the national unemployment rate was 9.7%. Employment growth showed a slowdown with respect to the growth rate observed in previous months. The commerce, artistic activities and public administration sectors were the most involved in job creation.
In September 2022, the national and urban unemployment rate were 10.7% and 10.4%, respectively, lower than in September last year, especially in urban areas. Compared to August, the unemployment rate, adjusted for seasonal factors, increased by 0.4 p. p. at the national level and decreased by 0.3 p.p. at the urban level.
In August of this year, the national unemployment rate was 10.6% and the urban unemployment rate was 10.8%. In seasonally adjusted terms, compared to the previous month, the unemployment rate remained relatively stable at the national and urban levels. The labor market showed a weak improvement in August.