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Angie Suárez
Angie Suárez

Senior Economist

  • At BBVA Research department since 2010

  • MA in Macroeconometrics and Finance

  • MA in International Economic Analysis

  • Bachellor's degree in Economics

Latest Publications

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Portugal | GDP growth will continue to remain sound in 1Q18


Portugal saw out 2017 with the highest growth in GDP recorded since 2001, 2.7% YoY. The most recent monthly indicators confirm the trends in consumption and investment, signalling that the Portuguese economy will grow by around 0.7% QoQ in 1Q18, making it possible to maintain GDP growth forecasts for the whole of 2018 and 2019 at 2.3% and 1.8% respectively.


Available in Portuguese, Spanish, English

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Electric vehicles: has their time come?

By ,

Did you know that the electric vehicle (EV) was invented in the nineteenth century, around fifty years before the internal combustion equivalent? In the 1910s, a third of automobiles circulating in the US were electric.

Available in Spanish, English