Betty Huang
Betty Huang

Betty Huang is an Economist at BBVA. She joined BBVA in 2014, Research Department since 2014, where she assists the Chief Economist for Asia to conduct research in various areas.

Prior to joining BBVA, she worked as network planner in Yanchang and Shell Petroleum Company and was involved in a number of projects involving clients from the banking sector, including Chang Hwa Bank (CHB) in Hong Kong and China Minsheng Banking in mainland China.

Betty obtained her Master degree majoring in International Banking and Finance from Lingnan University of Hong Kong, and holds a Bachelor degree in Economics from Shanxi University.

Latest publications

The RMB has taken steps on its internationalization march. This ppt reviews RMB's expanding role in global trade and businesses in the past decade, strategies to increase overseas usage of RMB and "811" devaluation and its implication. The next breakthrough will be the opening-up of the domestic bond market.
Bank assets growth picked up to 7.7% in Q3 2019 supported by a higher loan growth rate. Assets quality worsened and diverged among big and smaller banks. Capital adequacy ratio dropped on faster growth in risk-weighted assets, small banks are facing deteriorating conditions in funding through NCDs and bond market.
Although the non-performing loan ratio remained stable and the capital adequacy ratio still sufficient to meet financial needs, there is a diverging trend between large and small commercial banks. Some small banks are subject to capital shortfall amid deteriorating asset quality and persistent regulations on shadow banking.