David Cervantes Arenillas
David Cervantes Arenillas
Senior Economist

David Cervantes is Senior Economist at BBVA in Mexico. He is a specialist in impact evaluation, education, financial education, migration, remittances, and labor markets.

BS Degree and PhD in Economics by Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and Master Degree in Demography by El Colegio de México.

His previous working background includes; deputy director of Evaluation at the BBVA Bancomer Financial Education Program and in the National Institute of Evaluation for Education (Instituto Nacional de Evaluación para la Educación). He has participated in research and impact evaluation projects of national and international organizations like the World Bank and the International Labor Organization and collaborated as a consultant of federal and local governmental programs in Mexico.

He has been a professor of Statistics and Econometrics at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and Universidad Anáhuac México Sur.

Latest publications

In December 2019, the IMSS registered a total of 20.4 million workers. A total of 342 thousand new formal jobs were created in 2019, an average growth of 2.3% in the year. The formal payroll maintained average growth above 5% during the year.
As predicted, the deceleration of formal employment has been persistent practically throughout the year, in November it grew 1.7% YoY, the lower level since the crisis of 2009. From January to November 724 thousand jobs have been created.
Formal employment had an annual growth of 1.9%, reaching a total of 20.5 million formal employees.