Deniz Ergun
Deniz Ergun
Senior Economist

Deniz Ergun works as an Economist at Garanti BBVA since February 2014. She holds a PhD in Law &Economics (Magna Cum Laude) at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and the University of Bologna. During her studies, she also worked as a visiting researcher at the University of Hamburg. She completed her Masters in Economics in Albert Ludwigs Universitaet Freiburg-Germany. During her master studies she worked as a trainee at HSBC Trinkaus Internationale Kapitalanlagegesellschaft/Düsseldorf between 2008-2009. She holds a BA degree in Economics from Koc University, Istanbul.

Her current responsibilities include the analysis of financial systems, financial stability, regulatory and country risk issues including financial system modelling.

Latest publications

Firm policies helped to stabilize Turkish Financial Markets and the economy is re-balancing fast. The economic activity adjustment gained momentum at the end of 2018 but there are early signs of bottoming-out. We expect policymakers stick to sound policies.
Turkey’s firm policy response to the recent financial shocks helped to restore confidence in financial assets. Inflation will remain the key concern in the short term on continuing pass-thru and high cost push factors. Both monetary and fiscal policies included in the New Economic Program (NEP) are now more adequate to restore confidence and re-balance the economy.
Turkish financial assets remain under stress. The level and the duration of adjustment in the economy will depend on the policy reactions in the short term. Inflation reached alarming levels on last year´s loose policies, high inertia and second round effects. Both fiscal policy and monetary policy should complement each other to fight against inflation.