Jesus Lozano
Jesus Lozano
BBVA Regulation - Regulation Senior Manager

Jesús Lozano was Senior Economist on Digital Regulation and Trends at BBVA Research. Since January 2019 he moved to Regulation and Internal Control, in the Regulation unit. He joined BBVA in 2001, where he has carried out various tasks related to cross-border operations, clearing services, operational change and regulations impact on IT.

Since 2008, he has been specially linked to the implementation of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), taking part in internal projects and interbank groups, such as the European group which developed the standard on Euro Instant Payments in 2016.

Currently he is devoted to the analysis of trends and regulation issues on payments, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and cybersecurity.

Jesús holds a degree on Economics with Specialization in Economic Analysis from Universidad de Zaragoza, a Master in Data Management and Technological Innovation from OBS Business School and a Universitary Expert Course on Data Science from Universidad Internacional de La Rioja.

Latest publications

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