Joxe Mari Barrutiabengoa
Joxe Mari Barrutiabengoa

Joxe Mari Barrutiabengoa Ortubai has been working as an Economist in BBVA Research's Economic Scenarios Unit since September 2020. He holds a master's degree in Finance from the University Carlos III of Madrid (with honors) and degrees in Business Administration and Management and Economics from the Public University of Navarra (both with honors). He complemented his academic training with stays at the University of Technology of Sydney (Australia) and Carleton University (Canada).

Latest publications

In the current global socio-economic context, and especially after the COVID-19 crisis, digitization and sustainability have become key elements of economic and social transformation, being particularly relevant to understand and analyze how both interact.
The actual socioeconomic context has reinforced and accelerated a number of global trends, in particular sustainability and digitalization, two of the most disruptive. The empirical study conducted by BBVA Research suggests that an inverted U-shaped relationship exists between digitalization and CO2 emissions.
This note proposes a path to shore up the measurement of the carbon footprint of the representative household of an economy, enhancing traditional macroeconomic analysis and with the use of Big Data in order to obtain real time outcomes and insights into the impact of the lifestyle of different households.