Joxe Mari Barrutiabengoa
Joxe Mari Barrutiabengoa

Joxe Mari Barrutiabengoa Ortubai has been working as an Economist in BBVA Research's Economic Scenarios Unit since September 2020. He holds a master's degree in Finance from the University Carlos III of Madrid (with honors) and degrees in Business Administration and Management and Economics from the Public University of Navarra (both with honors). He complemented his academic training with stays at the University of Technology of Sydney (Australia) and Carleton University (Canada).

Latest publications

The increasing development of short-term climate scenarios is driven by enhanced supervisory expectation for a comprehensive understanding of the effects of climate change. Their design is a work in progress blending narratives, shocks and modeling tools.
The intensity of GHG emissions in scope 3 of the sectors of activity of the Spanish economy, estimated by BBVA Research with input-output analysis, generally maintains a downward trend, with notable advances in intensive sectors subject to the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS).
In 2022, Spain’s greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions increased due to the post-pandemic recovery and a more carbon-intensive energy mix. The sectoral analysis shows progress in emissions intensity, particularly in the most polluting activities, although total improvement is limited. More effective strategies are needed.