Julián Cubero
Julián Cubero
Lead Economist

Julián Cubero has been Chief Economist in BBVA Research’s Economic Modelling and Long Term Analysis area since June 2016. This area analyses the latest economic trends, like digital transformation, as well as global phenomena such as international commerce, and explores macroeconomic risk factors with potential relevance to BBVA’s business.

Previously, Julián Cubero was active in BBVA Research as Chief Economist for the Spanish economy (from October 2006 to December 2008), Chief Economist for Macroeconomic Analysis of Mexico (from January 2009 to August 2012) and Chief Economist of Economic Scenarios (from September 2012 to May 2016).

He possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Economic Sciences -Quantitative Economics - from the Autonomous University of Madrid.

Latest publications

The global economic scenario is defined by COVID-19, with a recession comparable to the Depression 90 years ago. It is also shaped by uncertainties including, the trajectory of the contagion curve and the achievement of herd immunity, for which having an effective and accessible vaccine will be a determining factor.
Sustainability is not a normative objective, related with values, apart from making efficient use of scarce resources. On the contrary, it is a positive imperative: evidence is building up that temperatures are rising rapidly, and there is mounting concern over the negative consequences of non-inclusive growth.
The drop in the volume of global trade is reflecting the most severe global recession since the Second World War, both due to the economies affected and the intensity of the expected falls in GDP over the middle quarters of 2020.