Julián Cubero
Julián Cubero
BBVA Research - Lead Economist

J. Julián Cubero has been Lead Economist of the Economics of Climate Change Cluster at BBVA Research since March 2020. The area deals with the study from the point of view of economic analysis of environmental sustainability and the impacts resulting from climate change, both by physical factors and the transition to a low greenhouse gas emissions economy.

Previously, J. Julián Cubero has been at BBVA Research: Spanish economy Chief Economist (October 2006-December 2008), Chief Economist-Macroeconomic Analysis of Mexico (January 2009 -August 2012), Chief Economist-Economic Scenarios (September 2012-May 2016) and Chief Economist for Economic Modeling and Long-Term Analysis area (June 2016-February 2020).

J. Julián Cubero holds a degree in Economics - Quantitative Economics - from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

Latest publications

The reduction in electricity prices in Europe is attributed to the reversal of supply shocks and a decrease in demand. The definitive impact of renewable energies will be delayed until advances in storage systems are achieved, allowing for more effective management of demand peaks.
Adaptation to accelerated climate change is imperative, which can be an opportunity for sustainable financing from the private sector if the conditions are in place. It remains to be seen.
Countries that expand their climate policy portfolio exhibit higher climate change mitigation patent filings, low carbon technology trade flows, and green foreign direct investment flows. The coordination and cooperation of international policies is also relevant, showcasing evidence of potential climate policy spillovers.