Laura Katherine Peña Cardozo
Laura Katherine Peña Cardozo

Laura Katherine is an economist at BBVA Research for Colombia. She supports economic analysis by means of structural trends analysis for the most crucial economic variables of the country.

Laura received her bachelor’s degree in Economics from Universidad Nacional de Colombia. She has experience as Investment Analyst and has performed duties related to economic and financial analysis.

Latest publications

In August, monthly inflation was 0.70% and annual inflation was 11.43%, above the average expectations of market analysts, who, according to the Banco de la República survey, expected a monthly variation of 0.44%.
In July, monthly inflation was 0.50% and annual inflation 11.78%, above the average of market analysts' expectations (0.30%), and even above the maximum expected according to Banco de la República's survey. Compared to the annual change in June, inflation fell 34 bps.
In June, monthly inflation was 0.30% and annual inflation was 12.13%, slightly below market analysts' expectations of 0.37% (according to Banco de la República's survey), falling for the third consecutive month.