Mario Íñiguez Mangado
Mario Íñiguez Mangado

Member of the Global Economic Scenarios team at BBVA Research. Graduated in Economics from Universidad Carlos III of Madrid (2022), where he also completed his Master's Degree in Economics in 2023.

The areas of economics in which he most excelled were Macroeconomics, Applied Economics and Econometrics. He has good quantitative analysis skills, and knowledge in the use of econometric packages such as Stata and Eviews. He also has knowledge of Matlab, but not as good as those mentioned above.

He completed an internship in the Economic Advisory area of the National Commission of Markets and Competition (NCMC), where he acquired a good level in terms of market research.

His aspirations are to continue developing in his professional career, focusing on achieving a higher level of technical knowledge within these areas, as well as data science applied to economic analysis.