Virginia Marcos Herreros
Virginia Marcos Herreros
Principal Economist

Virginia Marcos has been part of the BBVA Research team since November of 2018. She began her career in the BBVA Group in 2004 through the branch network and was engaged in Finance roles, first as an analyst to monitor the European peer group between 2006 and 2012, and subsequently as a Capital Management Specialist between 2012 and 2018. She analysed the Group’s capital outlook, its subsidiaries and its particular vision, developed dividend policies and other capital proposals, and prepared the ICAAP.

Virginia has a bachelor’s degree in the Administration and Management of Companies from Madrid Autonomous University as part of the Educational Cooperation Programme. She also has an Advanced Studies Diploma (DEA) in financial economics from the National Distance Education University (UNED).

Latest publications

On July 30, the European Banking Authority (EBA) published the results of the stress tests it regularly carries out on the major European Union banks. The top 50 banks (covering 70% of total EU banking assets) were analyzed for a baseline and an adverse scenario over a three-year horizon.
Spanish companies are facing the invisible attack of COVID-19 from a position of relative strength after experiencing strong deleveraging over the past decade due to the Global Financial Crisis, which led them to lower their debt from levels of more than 110% of GDP (2008) to 73% (2019).
The crisis caused by COVID-19 is showing its first impacts on the banking sector. Our analysis assesses the impact on the sector of seven factors and its trends: monetary policy, digitalization, regulation, economic growth, new entrants, competitive landscape and government support.