Yalina Crispin
Yalina Crispin
Senior Economist

Yalina Crispin is  economist of BBVA  Research Peru. She  makes monitoring and analysis of macroeconomic and fiscal variables. As well as the projection of these variables using econometric models and financial programming.

Previously, he served as  Specialist Revenue and Public Debt Department of Macroeconomic Policy of the Ministry of Economy and Finance. In addition, he served as Economic Analyst of the Directorate General for Economic and Social Affairs in the same ministry.

She obtained the Degree in Economics at National University of Trujillo y graduated from the Master of Economics from the Pontificia Universidad Catolica. She studied the course of University Extension Central Reserve Bank of Peru (CRBP), as well as other international courses such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

Latest publications

GDP grew 0.2% YoY in March. Primary GDP grew 8.5%, particulary the mining sector, supported by Metal Mining production. The non-primary component of GDP, however, remained negative in March. This occurred in a context of adverse weather conditions.
Inflation increased 0.56% monthly in April. This was due to the rise in the prices of some foods and restaurants, to which was added the seasonal increase in interprovincial land and air transport tickets due to the long Easter holiday.
GDP contracted 0.6% y/y in February. Primary GDP remained positive due to the performance of the Metal Mining and Fishing sectors. On the other hand, non-primary GDP fell again, affected by the negative results of the Non-primary Manufacturing and Construction sectors.