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Javier Milei will be the new president of Argentina. He takes office with the challenge of correcting strong imbalances in the fiscal, monetary and exchange rate fronts. The adjustment of spending and changes in relative prices will lead to an acceleration of inflation and further contraction of GDP in the short term.

China’s 2023 Q3 economic activities are better-than-expected and stronger than Q2 outturns amid policy support, showing some bottomed-out signals after Q2’s dipping.

The BBVA Research geopolitical monitor gathers real-time geopolitical indicators constructed from news processed with NLP, which allow for monitoring the media reaction to geopolitical and social events. This note has been published in the Euro…

The recent truce extension between Hamas and Israel, following extensive diplomatic talks involving multiple nations, led to Hamas releasing 17 hostages in Gaza, including a 4-year-old American girl. In return, Israel freed 39 Palestinian priso…

Israeli forces continue ground operations in northern Gaza, searching a hospital for alleged Hamas militants. Talks of a potential exchange of 50 hostages for a 3-day ceasefire to aid Gaza civilians are ongoing, but remain fragile. Meanwhile, t…

In this Presentation, we explain how geopolitics is becoming a key economic driver in the change of global value chains and the opportunities this brings to Mexican manufacturing production as well as exploring the regional investment opportunities in the country.

Israe's Gaza offensive persists with over 11,000 deaths since October, according to Gaza's Health Ministry. Humanitarian pauses, led by Qatar and Egypt, facilitated hostage talks. The Western response remains varied amid the complex international dynamics.

Following last week's massive attack in Gaza strip, Israeli forces will concentrate now in Gaza city. The death toll surpasses 10,000 after four weeks of war, according to the Gaza Health Ministry. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has stated t…

BanRep kept its rate unchanged with a split vote. They argue that inflation, still high, activity around trend, and positive labor market figures, allow to keep the policy in its current stance. We believe that the first rate cut will be in Dec…

Following Benjamin Netanyahu's announcement to initiate the second phase of the Israeli operation in Gaza, Big Data geopolitical indicators continue to show very high tensions in the Middle East. However, some have moderated outside of that reg…

Two weeks ago, the private sector walked away from the annual meeting of the International Monetary Fund in Marrakech less worried than a year earlier, but with three lingering concerns: inflation and interest rates going forward, low global growth and the complex geostrategic environment.

Following the Hamas-Israel attack, BBVA's Geopolitical Sentiment indexes deteriorated, impacting the Middle East as well as the West. As tension rises, the protest index for the Middle East and Europe show higher levels, while the Economic Political Uncertainty index remains neutral.