BIS latest publications

February 8, 2019

Financial Regulation: Weekly Update. 8 February 2019

Highlights: FSB issues report on non-bank financial intermediation. ESMA agrees MoUs for no-deal Brexit, and issues statement on the use of UK data in ESMA’s databases. ECB issues statement on liquidity risk analysis, and results for 2018 stress test. Council and EP agree on measures for investment fund market and rules for…

February 1, 2019

Financial Regulation: Weekly Update. 1 February 2019

Highlights: ESMA issues statement on the handling of derivative data in a no-deal Brexit. ESRB issues report on macroprudential approaches to deal with NPLs. EBA updates the list of closely correlated currencies for capital requirement purposes. EC issues consultation on market liquidity in forex markets. U.S. Agencies issu…

January 25, 2019

Financial Regulation: Weekly Update . 25 January 2019

Highlights: BCBS reviews its Principles for sound liquidity risk management and supervision. IOSCO issues statement on environmental, social and governance disclosure. BIS issues report regarding domestic capital markets. ECB issues principles for effective fallback provisions for euro-denominated cash products. FCA consult…

January 18, 2019

Financial Regulation: Weekly Update. 18 January 2019

Highlights: BIS issues final standard for capital requirements for market risk. SRB issues the second part of its MREL Policy for 2018. EBA issues guide on exposures associated with high risk. ESAs present agreement on exchange of information between ECB and AML/CFT authorities. ESMA issues report on accepted market practic…

December 21, 2018

Financial Regulation: Weekly Update. 21 December 2018

Highlights: EC publishes a set of unilateral absolute minimum contingency measures to prepare for a no-deal brexit. Several EU and UK agencies publish documents in relation to brexit. EC welcomes agreement on the NPLs package. Spanish Ministry of Finance proposes to establish a macroprudential authority. Federal Agencies pr…

December 14, 2018

Financial Regulation: Weekly Update. 14 December 2018

Highlights: BIS completes the revision of Pillar 3 framework and consults on leverage ratio window-dressing. EP asks Commission and Member States to intensify their plans for a no-deal brexit scenario. ECB updates list of entities. EBA publishes final guidelines on STS securitisations. HM Treasury continues to release Statu…

December 7, 2018

Financial Regulation: Weekly Update. 7 December 2018

Highlights: Eurogroup and EU Council reach a minimal agreement on Monetary Union reform and Banking Union completion. EU Commission and EU Council welcome political agreement reached on the Banking Reform Package. Responding to industry’s concerns, ESAs allow proportionate application of STS securitizations regulation by na…

November 30, 2018

Financial Regulation: Weekly Update. 30 November 2018

Highlights: BCBS and FSB issue reports on implementation of latest reforms and recommend adopting agreed requirements (e.g. NSFR, TLAC or large exposures). EC issues progress reports on Banking Union, NPLs and CMU. ECB clarifies materiality threshold for credit obligations past due. FRB, BoE and ECB publish financial stabil…