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September 7, 2021

Spain | The trend in the common system of autonomous communities financing, 2002-2019

This Working Paper contains homogenized series of regional governments funding constructed on the basis of homogeneous competences at equal fiscal effort from 2002 to 2019.

November 30, 2020

Spain | Evolution of autonomous community financing under the common system, 2002-2018

This Working Paper establishes homogenized series of regional financing, based on homogeneous competencies and fiscal effort, between 2002 and 2018.

July 6, 2018

Mexico | The fiscal challenges facing the new administration

The next government will be faced with major challenges on the fiscal front. First it has to be said that the fact that the future prime minister and his chosen finance minister made it clear in their first messages that they are going to propose fiscal years resulting in primary fiscal surpluses.

March 31, 2015

Spain | Public deficit in January 2015 slightly improved from previous year

Budget execution in January 2015 improved over last year. By administrations, the regions and, to a lesser extent, the central government, have reduced their deficit from last year, although Social Security figures reported a smaller surplus.