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Israel faces waves of condemnation after a strike in Rafah camp. Spain, Ireland and Norway recognize Palestine as a State. Spain provided military support to Ukraine

The International Criminal Court (ICC) issued arrest warrants for Israel and Hamas Leaders. The Iranian President and Foreign Ministry died in Helicopter crash.

Fights between Israel and Hamas continue. Putin reshuffled top defense positions. Trump goes ahead on most US Presidential polls.

Israel launched “limited” strikes on southern Rafah despite Hamas accepting the Egyptian-Qatari truce proposal. President Xi visits Europe

US and UK urge Hamas to accept Israel's truce for a 40-day Gaza ceasefire and prisoner exchange. Zelensky seeks more Western arms for Ukraine's counteroffensive. Spanish Prime Minister Sanchez remains in office amid political and economic uncer…

Israel's airstrike damaged Iran's air defense, proving its ability to bypass and paralyze these systems. Market reactions were more intense than Israel's measured response. Additionally, the Israeli Head of Military Intelligence resigned due to security lapses in a Hamas attack.

Iran launched a drone and missile attack on Israel on April 13, retaliating against Israel's airstrike on its consulate in Damascus. Israel's cabinet discussed response options, while US President Biden urged caution and a united diplomatic front. The situation remains complex with potential for strategic errors.

Israel, under U.S. pressure, adjusts Gaza tactics to minimize civilian casualties and aid the return of displaced persons. This shift from intense southern operations aims to balance military goals with ethical standards, highlighting the U.S. …

The UN Security Council passed a resolution for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza during Ramadan, calling for the release of all hostages. With the US abstaining, 14 members applauded the resolution, which aims to alleviate the conflict and humani…

The Israel PM denies the United States request of stopping Rafah’s offensive. The UN wants to alert Israel about the necessity of a ceasefire due to the disastrous humanitary consequences. For its part, the United States abstained from voting a…

Israeli PM Netanyahu rejected President Biden's request to halt a ground assault on Rafah, Gaza's last refugee area, housing over a million displaced individuals. Netanyahu stated the mission to eliminate battalions in Rafah necessitates ground action, emphasizing Israel's resolve to proceed with the operation.

Israel probes an airstrike in Gaza for possibly killing Hamas's deputy military leader amidst ongoing conflict, with Ramadan approaching. The US presidential race heats up as Nikki Haley exits the Republican race and Dean Phillips leaves the Democrats.