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Cities can adopt either sprawling or compact designs, and their growth trajectory is determined by land disposition and zoning regulations. This can impact livelihoods, health, and mobility patterns. In Colombia, capital cities tend to exhibit a more concentrated design. Other municipalities tend to be more widespread.

In The Godfather movies, you can never cease to be surprised at the feeling you get that when the main character knows more than you. That he is one step ahead. This is what Al Pacino makes quite clear when he tells his brother Fredo: “I know it was you” (who betrayed me.)

It is no secret: employment has grown continuously in Spain since 2013. Social Security registrations have increased by 20% since employment began to recover — for every five people registered before, there are now almost six.

The process of urbanization of employment continued during the recovery (2013-2018). Both the degree of initial urbanisation and the relative importance of tourism and the hotel industries conditioned its evolution. In addition, sectoral change…

It is little known that Latin America is a region which is as urban as developed economies and much more so than other emerging regions. How can the region take advantage of the opportunities generated by its high level of urbanisation?

Urbanization took place earlier and at faster pace than in other emerging markets in Latam and is now at advanced economies’ levels. However, in spite of displaying high urbanization rates, Latin America show relatively low levels of income, capital, labor and productivity. The region should try to leverage on their high u…

Que la geografía económica mundial se está desplazando hacia el Pacífico y este siglo será eminentemente asiático es casi un hecho. Las tendencias que liderarán este proceso han sido ya exploradas, mientras que los análisis de su impacto económico y geoestratégico en Occidente son más recientes, aunque comenzaremos a oír ha…

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