Diversity latest publications

June 29, 2022

Spain | Extending working life: Why? Where are we? How to do it?

Longer working lives improve the sustainability of the welfare state and the public pension system, have positive externalities on the employment and productivity of young workers, and enhance cognitive functioning.

March 5, 2021

Colombia | Prioritizing diversity and inclusion in recovery

Diversity and representation of all population groups in the economy is a necessary factor in order to achieve a high and sustainable recovery. In this way, the inclusion of women becomes even more important, mainly because of the additional responsibilities and vulnerabilities caused by the pandemic.

December 9, 2020

Spain | Gender Diversity and Digital Economy: an approach to the labor market

COVID-19 is having serious economic consequences in Spain, in terms of production and employment. Female employment is being affected somewhat more negatively than male employment. This result is conditioned by multiple factors, including the educational level and economic activity of the worker's job.